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KENFOX IP & Law Office – Your Strategic IP Partner



[Counsel – this is an excellent summary of the circumstances and incredibly helpful.  We are so appreciative of your excellent and prompt and comprehensive help] Client quote, Ms. Julia Anne Matheson

[We will do as KENFOX suggests.], [As long as our company exists, only KENFOX is working as a partner] Client quote, KIPC

We have worked with 3 IP service providers in Vietnam, but we choose KENFOX as our strategic partner because we feel the professionalism, dedication in each case you do for our customersClient quote, Mr. Yim Dong Sook

We cannot thank you enough for your kind feedback. It is not merely a tribute from you, the respected clients who have accompanied KENFOX. It is an affirmation and acknowledgement from clients not just for the efforts of the entire KENFOX staff, but also for the practical, diverse, and correct solutions we have provided to safeguard your rights and interests. Your expressions of thanks are more valuable than numerous other material assets. We are immensely thankful and moved.

Honesty – Transparency – Professionalism – Credibility – Cost Effectiveness with the Highest Quality Service” are our guiding principles and fundamental values. These are the basic value requirements for sustainable development that a legal services provider must respect and adhere to. We feel that the aforementioned principles, along with dedication and professional ethics, are the primary reasons why KENFOX’s services have earned clients’ trust and happiness. This trust is a tremendous incentive that drives us every day to improve in order to serve clients all around the world.

OPPO, TCL, Media, Grabtaxi, SICPA, UCB, Hitachi, Outfit7, Koga Software, Alticor, FPT, and KLEEMANN, to name a few, have relied on us as a partner and advisor alongside you. We believe that this is more valuable and significant than advertising words. It validates the prestige and client confidence in KENFOX’s services. We are really delighted that, out of hundreds of thousands of partners, you continue to trust and select KENFOX to join you on your business development path. Each customer who comes to KENFOX presents a significant question, and our objective is to deliver the optimal answer to that concern. KENFOX’s team of competent, experienced, devoted, and accountable attorneys and employees will always be available to listen to your demands and provide assistance. Not only will we find the right answer, but more importantly, we will find the answer right to each case you entrust us with. We will help you comply with local laws while maximizing your lawful rights and interests.

Let KENFOX be your strategic consulting partner. KENFOX’s attorneys and experts see through the challenges and risks and know how to enhance your advantage and position, hence optimizing solutions, a tailored strategy for all your simple to complicated intellectual property issues.

Here are some photos of the professionals of KENFOX IP: