Trademark Amendment in Laos

When it comes to trademark registration and protection in Laos, accuracy and up-to-date information are crucial. As a trademark owner, it is important to regularly review your trademark registration and make any necessary changes to ensure its accuracy and relevance. At KENFOX, we offer comprehensive trademark translation and recordal services in Laos to help you maintain a strong and effective trademark portfolio.

General overview

During the examination period, the trademark applicant can amend the application at any time, provided that such amendment is performed before the registration of the mark, final refusal, or at the end of other considerations of said application, without having to pay official fees and service fees. The amendment must not add a list, a class of goods, or a service, or make any changes to the original characteristics of the mark in the application.

You can amend any mark type specified in an initial application to be a Trademark, Collective Mark, or Certification Mark. In the event that the mark has been amended to be a Collective Mark or a Certification Mark, the trademark applicant is required to file a new application together with the appropriate supporting documentation.

Reasons for recordal of changes in trademark registration in Laos

There are various situations that may require a request for recordal of changes in your trademark registration in Laos. These include:

Change in goods/services: If you need to limit or delete certain goods or services under your registered mark, it is important to update your trademark registration accordingly.

Change in trademark use or image: If you have changed the way you use your trademark or if there have been modifications to your trademark's image, it is essential to reflect these changes in your trademark registration. This is particularly relevant in the context of potential cancellation actions.

Update contact information: If your contact information has changed, it is necessary to update your trademark registration to ensure that the Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) has accurate and current contact details on file.

Change in trademark owner's name and/or address: In the event of a change in your trade name or address, it is important to record these changes in your trademark registration to maintain accurate ownership information.

Mergers and acquisitions: If your trademark ownership has undergone a merger or acquisition, it is essential to update your trademark registration to reflect the change in ownership and ensure legal compliance.

Correction of errors: If you have identified any mistakes or errors in your trademark application or registration, it is necessary to make corrections to rectify these issues and maintain the accuracy of your trademark record.

Requesting Recordal of Changes in Trademark Registration

As a trademark owner, you can file a request for recordal of changes in your trademark registration with the Department of Intellectual Property of Laos. This request should include the necessary supporting documentation and information relating to the changes you wish to make. The DIP will record these changes in their database, update your registration details, and publish the changes in the Official Gazette of Registration of Industrial Property.

Professional assistance from KENFOX

Navigating the complexities of trademark recordal can be challenging, especially when it comes to language requirements and ensuring accurate translation of the necessary documentation. At KENFOX, we specialize in providing professional trademark translation and recordal services in Laos. Our experienced team of translators and IP experts will ensure that your trademark information is accurately translated and reflected in your registration, helping you maintain a strong and legally compliant trademark portfolio.

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