The branded Italian goods, fraud for tax evasion? Too much extraordinary

The branded Italian goods, fraud for tax evasion? Too much extraordinary

Yesterday 3:12, a representative of the company and including import companies claiming to be the owner of the consignment is not to work with the investigating agencies.

“The Escort” disappeared

According to the latest information from the police, the agency determined Le Hong Duc (34, claiming the Company, Ltd Nam De on Le Van Sy Street, Ward 13, District 3, City) is directly Escort 4 trucks fashion Gucci and D & G were arrested on the afternoon of 2711 in District 1. Working with the police, Germany has provided reconnaissance team 6 (Chamber CSDT management order crime and economic position Police City – PC46) the customs declaration documents, closing tax, customs clearance.

This paper shows on 26.11, German customs declaration procedures container 20 feet and clearance on 27.11. In this particular instance declaration of goods originating from China (China): 105 male shirt (new 100%) each $ 1.8; 110 women pullover $ 1.9 ; 109 female jeans pants $ 5.35; 350 (no clear or units) men shoes $ 3.8; 100 dresses that cost $ 6.75; 46 women jacket $ 3.7; 16 scarves $ 2.1; 56 female bag $ 3.15; 20 short skirt $ 5.5; $ 120 $ 1.65 belt. The total amount is $ 3,725.

Number of items captured in the basement of the Sheraton (D.1) are branded Gucci, D & G. In the customs declaration, the company years to stand directly take on the import of container.
According to a staff of Team 6 (PC46), after the police work, Germany has presented the said customs declarations, and left and so far, the German shutdown. A reliable source said, Germany may have fled abroad (?). Even the police have to take the company years by Nguyen Thanh Binh (42 years old, a native of Nghe, temporary residence Ward 13, District 3) as director, invited to work but no employees companies and Binh to the invitation.

Import company based … 15 m2

Morning 3:12, Youth Reporter at Southern Empire and recognized company, before the house two floors (351/43A address Le Van Sy Street, Ward 13, District 3) fitted with a signboard “The Company Men Empire “tiny, pretty old; iron door closed. We call the open, an old man, and said: “Mr. Binh and his wife, two children rent the room 15 m2 on 2nd floor with 2 million / month to stay, then please add the banner company above;, but no employees, computers, office work at all. Recently, Mr. Binh pay rent late, drinking quarrel with his wife noisy disorder, plus newspapers published in Binh company so a few days ago I was invited local police to work and asked him to Binh moved away rent for breaking the lease. ”

Tracing shipments employer

In a separate incident, after newspapers published the news police detected fashion brands Gucci, D & G Italy “originating from China,” said H. has introduced a communications undertaking, Mrs. D. introduced themselves as employees of the marketing department, he Fed is CEO of Company Milano Vietnam (and also once said, is the Trading Service Co., Ltd. Fashion Milano – Gucci). But when we ask the legal representative of the company and the company’s headquarters is located where the people are inarticulate … However, dinner 2:12, we got mail by Huyen Nguyen (Ms) (introduced as Marketing Executive, Milano Viet Nam, 88 Dong Khoi Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam) claiming to be the owner of the lot above and press inquiries corrected some information about the origin of Milano.
According to the information we hold from the police, through verification, the agency found at 88 Dong Khoi Street, District 1 have 2 stores Milano and Gucci open normal operation and one room work of the company – claiming the shipment is closed after the date of shipment seized, no. So far, the police have repeatedly down to the work of the imported goods, and units are closed, there should not be invited to witness the seal 4 arrested truck to check aforementioned goods for the investigation.

Afternoon 3:12, Youth Reporter verify the name of company Milano Vietnam and Milan Fashion & TRADING Co., Ltd.-Gucci, headquartered in 88 Dong Khoi Street, District 1 that those on offer at the Department of Planning and Investment (DPI) . HCM but did not find the name of the two companies in Ho Chi Minh City. “Through the investigation, the police discovered Nam De Company had previously taken similar to Vietnam. Some untested as well as expertise. However, based on the records that we hold in our hands the possibility of tax evasion is very high “- a reconnaissance officer of PC46 identified.

Case there are too many anomalies, suggested authorities should drastically speed up the investigation to clarify

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