The brand focuses more on PR

The brand focuses more on PR

AOL company, Nintendo and Topshop has decided to hire PR professionals to lead their marketing programs. This reflects the changing nature of brand management in the age of social media.

The brand focuses more on PR

The extent of online activities affect the reputation and image of a brand and marketing is changing the game. Therefore, ignoring the impact of word of mouth on the internet factors have become obsolete for companies in an interactive world, closely linked together.

The appointment of senior leadership positions in the marketing department recently AOL, Nintendo and Topshop trend reflects the fact, when all three pillars come from the field of marketing communications.

With AOL, the appointment of the former head of public relations at Thomson Reuters, Jolie Hunt in his new role – head of communications and marketing has brought a change in strategy of AOL, focused on the stability of the brand Companies like Huffington, TechCrunch and Moviefone.

The company is now focusing more on understanding the customer feel, what they think and say about the company brand. It is also a guide for public relations activities.

She added: “We live in a dynamic world and many variables. More than ever before, where people can access information 24/7 the speed and balance the budget becomes two weaknesses in marketing activities.

“Public Relations Specialist must be familiar with the work done quickly with minimum cost, at least when compared to the marketing mix.”

That was the general thinking of the leaders Nintendo when to Sally Pearce – former head of the PR department European region became the lead for the marketing activities of the UK market for operating the biggest launch game console decade. The question is easy to Pearce to communicate ideas to his board in his first marketing role.

Head of marketing and online dating company is also co-founder of the media company Cherish PR Katie Sheppard said experts as Pearce has long mount operation with local companies, offers benefit in understanding the “language of business” of the corporation.

She adds: “That’s why PR is important for the current marketing mix strategy. They have good ability to communicate their ideas through various business areas. While often viewed more limited skills and expertise but the media professionals are recruited for marketing positions expressed desire on the road to brand closer to the customer.

However, Chris Moriartyl also recruitment activities such as sharing is not synonymous with the creation of new market trends.

“I think we need to be careful that the recruitment of staff as on becoming a trend now.” One swallow does not make a spring, “so the responsibility as marketers to understand the Board are expecting something.

He added that the brands that communication efforts are effective regardless of brand so sharply what is marketing and what is PR.

Today, as consumers increasingly distrust is now thidanh hours are the most important assets of the company, whether they like it or not the company is based on the public’s sympathy. This means businesses need to promote good reputation by developing positive relationships with the public.

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