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Gongwell Services Inc. Patent search, Patent translation

Gongwell Services Inc.A prior art search firm focusing on Japanese, Chinese and Korean patent and non-patent literature search and translation. All searches are performed by using local languages without using machine translation and English abstract.



Phone: 1-604-942-8158
1-800-306-6838 (toll free)

Fax: 1-604-942-8152


    1. Prior art search, specialized in Japanese, Chinese and Korean;
    2. Other intellectual property related services;
    3. Translation.

patent information for your filing

Each project is assigned to an experienced native searcher or translator with expertise in the corresponding field.

Whether you need patent information for your filing, infringement litigation or in your research, …


A A Thornton & Co

A A Thornton & Co


Patent attorneys

Based in London and Northampton, A A Thornton & Co is ‘a very good firm’ for chemical, mechanical and electronics patents, and provides ‘well-considered’ analysis. Craig Turner, in the chemical team, is ‘very persuasive in getting examiners to allow patents in difficult cases’. Mike Jennings, Adrian Bennett and the ‘very prompt’ Emily Cottrill are recommended.

Trade mark attorneys

A A Thornton & Co, which is valued for its ‘business acumen’ and ‘commercial advice’, represents clients in sectors including travel, telecoms, fashion and electronics. Rachel Havard is ‘very thorough’; Ian Gill has ‘in-depth technical knowledge’ and ‘an unparalleled willingness to assist’; and Vanessa Lawrence is ‘a star player’.

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