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Could you tell us the role of the Patent Office in Laos under administrative IPR enforcement in Laos?

The Role of patent office is indicated as follows: Claims and disputes can be resolved by mediation through the Department Of Intellectual Property, Standardization & Metrology (DISM) or the Economic Arbitration Offices.

What are the remedies (injunction) relating to border control in Laos?

Remedies (Injunction) relating to border control in Laos include: (1)Warning;

(2) Fine;

(3) Confiscation and destruction of the infringing goods;

(4) Payment of damages or subject to criminal sanctions according to the nature of the case

(5)  Suspension of export and import activities or termination of business license

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What are the relevant courts for border matter in Laos?

They include (1) The People’s Court at the provincial level; (2) The Appeal Courts; (3)The Supreme People’s Court

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